CaldodeCultivo is a Spanish-Colombian art collective, now based in Buffalo, New York. Founded by Unai Reglero and Gabriela Córdoba Vivas in 2006, our work focuses on subverting the impositions, exclusions, and violence of neoliberal policies in people’s life. Transiting from aesthetical to political strategies, we amplify the struggles, the resistance tactics, and the survival strategies of those who are excluded from “development” but are the primary victims of it.

Through artistic projects that are context-specific, and that actively involve the affected communities, CaldodeCultivo addresses conflicts of a global nature that manifest in the local realm, using different artistic languages —from public installation to video— to create devices of counter-information, agitation, and provocation, that work as mechanisms for altering the
quotidian and as catalysts for dissent.

CaldodeCultivo has been nominated to the Vera List Prize for Art and Politics, The New School, NY (2018). And our work is part of the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Colombia.

This past decade, we have been developing projects in various cities in Europe and The Americas that have been showed in different venues and events, such as:
Buffalo Arts Studio (2022); State University of New York at Buffalo (2021); National Museum of Colombia (2019); Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2018); Panoramic, Fàbrica de les Arts. Barcelona (2018); La Tertulia Museum, Cali, Colombia (2018), MAMBO, Museum of Modern Art of Bogota (2018); Espacio Odeón, Bogota (2018);
Center for Architecture of New York (2017); IdeasCity New York, New Museum NY (2017); Kosmopolis CCCB, Center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (2017); MACBA, Museum of Contemporary of Barcelona (2017); DIA, Detroit Institut of Arts Museum (2017); ARTBO, International Art Fair of Bogota (2017); Łaźnia Center for Contemporary Art of Gdańsk, Poland (2017); IdeasCity Detroit, New Museum NY (2016); MDE15: International Art Encounter of Medellin, Museum of Antioquia (2015); T2 Centre d’Art de Tarragona, Spain (2015); The Museum of Wola City Lab, Warsaw, Poland (2014); ACVic Center for Contemporary Art of Vic, Barcelona (2014); Art Inkubator, Łódz, Poland (2014); Galerie Art & Essai de l’Université Rennes, France (2014); La Otra, Biennal of Contemporary Art of Bogota (2013); ...