CALDODECULTIVO is an art collective formed by Unai Reglero and Gabriela Córdoba Vivas, and it is currently based in Buffalo, New York.
    CALDODECULTIVO, as its name in Spanish suggests [1], creates conditions of possibility where collective action and resistance can emerge and thrive. CALDODECULTIVO functions as a (counter) propaganda bureau, combating the mechanisms through which the violence of capital is hidden and justified. CALDODECULTIVO creates counter-information, provocation, and popular agitation devices to amplify the struggles of those who resist that violence and create the possibilities of a future otherwise.
    Among other recognitions, CALDODECULTIVO has been nominated for the Vera List Prize for Art and Politics,

its work is part of the permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Colombia, and is currently a recipient of the Creatives Rebuild New York fellowship.
    CALDODECULTIVO has developed projects in several cities of the Americas and Europe, which have been shown in venues such as: Buffalo Arts Studio, Buffalo, New York (2022); State University of New York at Buffalo (2021); National Museum of Colombia (2019); Palais de Tokyo, Paris, France (2018); Panoramic, Factory of the Arts. Barcelona (2018); La Tertulia Museum of Cali, Colombia (2018); MAMBO, Museum of Modern Art of Bogota (2018); Center for Architecture of New York, USA (2017); IdeasCity New York, NEW MUSEUM of Contemporary Art New York, USA (2017); Kosmopolis CCCB, Center for Contemporary Culture of Barcelona (2017); 
DIA, Detroit Institute of Arts Museum, USA (2017); ArtBo, Bogota International Art Fair (2017); Łaźnia Center for Contemporary Art of Gdansk, Poland (2017); IdeasCity Detroit, NEW MUSEUM NY, Detroit, USA (2016); MDE15 International Art Meeting of Medellin, Museum of Antioquia (2015); T2 Tarragona Art Center (2015); The Museum of Wola, Warsaw, Poland (2014); ACVIC Center for Contemporary Arts of Vic, Barcelona (2014); Art Inkubator, Lodz, Poland (2014); Galerie Art & Essai of the Université Rennes, France (2014); La Otra, Bogota Contemporary Art Biennial (2013); (...)

[1] Caldo de Cultivo: Factor or environment propitious to the development of something, generally harmful.